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TPGA provides to it's members...
  • Weekly & monthly newsletters
  • Regulatory & compliance guidance on local, state, and federal codes and regulations
  • Discounts and more discounts (compliance items, decals, signs, workers comp, and a 24 hour emergency #)
  • FREE access to our TPGA video lending library (no purchase necessary)
  • Clearinghouse for issues & ideas (how to make the industry better)
  • State & federal representation in front of our legislators and regulators
  • Promotes a positive image of the industry
  • Networking opportunities
  • Scholarships for our industry's children and grandchildren

Don't be left in the dark! Stay informed. Join TPGA today!

Our members represent the propane industry in many ways:
  • Retail Marketer
  • Suppliers - includes wholesalers, transport, equipment manufacturers, insurance and other service companies
  • Affiliates - includes RV parks, dispenser operators, mobile home manufacturers, master plumbers.
If you would like more information about joining TPGA, please contact Debbie Simpson.

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